Explore a promising future and the great opportunities.


An advanced workplace that lets you heighten up your skills.

We give you a chance to explore, learn & innovate! Working under our experienced professionals will brush up your prowess.

Modish Infrastructure

We believe an advanced infrastructure is a key to success for any organization. Hence, we have developed a healthy infrastructure that powers our associates and fosters them to create opportunities.

Workplace Culture

The workplace culture at Shubhashish IT is highly interactive and healthy. Our enticing work environment motivates our team members to be more committed and productive.

Engaging Activities

To maintain a long-term relationship with our employees and to lighten their work stress, we implement weekly activities for their entertainment. These fun activities refill them with energy.


Our development solutions serve your business an enhanced accessibility & productivity.



The employees at Code Science get groomed from the experienced professionals to meet the next level innovations. The regular training sessions are conducted to uplift their courage.



Our business committee helps the employees to boost their professional development credentials. Similarly, our management committee works on the staff skills and help them grow in their current jobs.



Celebrating each and every, small or big achievement and occasion is our tendency. At Code Science, employee’s engagement is as essential as user’s. Hence, we appreciate our associates in several distinct ways.



We make recognition eligible for all our associates by providing them minor to major details about “what actions are being recognized in our firm?” and make it easier for them to perform accordingly.